Northcote Tuff Crater Loop

This loop walk that takes in Northcote’s volcanic Tuff Crater and Onepoto Domain is based on one from Margaret Scrymgeour’s booklet “Explore the Shore”.

Onepoto Domain Northcote

We started the walk from the children’s playground area at Onepoto Domain.  We had heard about the children’s cycle track and it is a really safe place to bring young children and their bikes.  The playgrounds looks like a lot of fun too (it has a flying fox).  It is a great place to have a picnic, feed the ducks and an ideal spot for parenting groups to meet up.

Onepoto Basin is another of Auckland’s explosion craters and it is the oldest dated, erupting about 250,000 years ago. The Maori name “Onepoto” means small beach (named after Halls Beach near Northcote Point).

Tuff Crater is another explosion crater (this one is filled with water), which is being restored to its natural state with a balanced ecosystem of native plants and wildlife, all with volunteer help. It was formed by explosive eruptions around the same time as Onepoto.
For more information about the Tuff Crater, you may wish to view this video. (please note that our loop walk includes part of the Tuff Crater. There are future plans to build a circular walkway completely around the Tuff Crater).

Tuff Crater - dogs on leash only

Dogs may be off-leash on the track within the Tuff Crater Reserve (according to Auckland Council  Bye-laws Department re phone call 3/6/2014).  There is a risk that they could disturb endangered bird life, so please keep them under control.  We do have a request for dog owners to pick up litter (as we did come across litter).
PLEASE NOTE: As of the 29th October 2014 the new dog rules for Tuff Crater – Dogs prohibited within the foreshore (mangroves) of Tuff Crater; on-leash on track around reserve.

Description: Bush tracks, steps, inclines. Muddy in places when wet. Suitable for users of average fitness and mobility.
To see: Native bush, views across Auckland Harbour, native birds, volcanic crater
Time: approx. 60 minutes. (about 5.0 kms). Dog friendly, but on leash only.
Parking: Onepoto Domain, Northcote.
Buses: Onewa Road, Northcote MAP

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Google Maps for
Onepoto Domain &Tuff Crater

Stay on track…get your detailed guide and map  (AN-085 Northcote Tuff Crater Loop) over at our Walks Store and our Book Store (one of 12 walks featured in our book “Dog Friendly Walks part 1”).

6 thoughts on “Northcote Tuff Crater Loop”

  1. This reserve is actually a dog-on-leash area, because of the birdlife. Please keep your dog on a leash.

  2. Hi Margi. I thought I had replied to you but something must have gone wrong.
    When we did our walk here, we did look for signs for dogs, but did not see any. We did come across a lady who was walking her dog off the leash and asked her about the rules. She assured us that dogs could be off leash. I have checked out the Auckland Council’s website and I cannot see anything with regards to Tuff Crater. Are you able to help with further information please? Many thanks Helen

  3. Hi guys, I have been going here for the past year and a half and have never come across a single dog on-lead. We always have our dog off-lead there, otherwise it’s too hard to control her when other dogs are running circles off-lead around her.
    And I’ve asked many people and everyone seems to agree that it’s off-lead.

  4. Hello Brittany. As you can see from my post, I do have a photo of a Council sign that displays a dog on leash icon. I have as of today, contacted Auckland Council to seek clarification. Thank you for taking the time to leave your comment, much appreciated. Regards, Helen

  5. Today I finally heard back from Auckland Council. Good news for you – I have been told that currently the Reserve is off leash.

  6. This morning I had a conversation with a lady who is in charge of the Auckland Council bye-laws. She says the Reserve is an off leash dog area. If this needs to change, then the Parks & Reserves department and possibly the Local Board need to be lobbied.

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