live Google Walking maps

Find your walk, grab your phone and follow your progress live as you embark on your adventure.

Example of Awaruku Bush Reserve Google Map
Pictrure of Awaruku Bush Reserve Google Map

This is live GPS maps service – giving you the ability to see your complete route in detail and track your progress as you walk. The maps are constructed on Google Maps – using map services most people are already familiar with.

List of current GPS Google Maps:

Auckland Coast to Coast Walkway
Downtown and Pink Walkway Loop
Hamlins Hill

West Auckland
West Harbour Loop
Hobsonville Point Walkway
Moire Park Bush Walk

East Auckland
Point View Reserve
Maraetai to Te Puru Park including Omana Regional Park
Murphys Bush
Dannemora to Point View Drive
Rotary Walkway Pakuranga (Panmure Bridge to Halfmoon Bay)

North Shore
Albany Trig Track
Awaruku Bush Reserve Torbay
Rata Track Torbay
Emlyn Reserve Track Torbay
Kate Shepherd Track Torbay
Fitzwilliam Track Torbay
Emlyn Reserve Track Torbay
Stredwick Track Torbay
Mills Lane & Oteha Valley Rd Walkway
Albany Totara Walkway

Hauraki Gulf
Rangitoto Island
Browns Island

Note: some of these GPS maps are on our sister site

How do the GPS Google Maps work?

Each track has been walked and mapped in detail using GPS technology. We then upload the raw data to Google Maps and add details to the map such as entrance names, parking, toilets, water, picnic areas and playgrounds. We also map features such as waterfalls, significant trees, glow-worms, historic and cultural landmarks and important walking structures such as some bridges, river crossings, stairs etc.

Using the Google Map

Using the Google Map is easy and enables you to have a much enhanced walking experience – exploring aspects of a walk you may have otherwise missed.

  1. Click on the link for the map you want
  2. Allow it to open on your phone
  3. Look for your blue location dot to show on your device. This should depict your exact current location on your Google Map.
  4. As you walk, your blue dot will move on the map, showing you exactly where you are all the time.
  5. Zoom in and out on the map to see more or less detail of the track or where you are in relation to the overall walk. On many phones, zooming is completed by using two fingers on the screen – opening your fingers increases the map detail, closing fingers together reduces the map detail and lets you see a wider area. To move up and down on a map – again use two fingers but drag them around the screen together.

The two links below provide couple of examples of our popular walks that have Google Maps:

Maraetai Beach to Te Puru, via Omana Regional Park

Albany Trig Track

Check out our range of Google Map Tracks

Our sister site currently hosts our Google Walking Maps with comprehensive descriptions of the walks.

There are currently about 20 various tracks to select from. Over the next while, we will be adding these tracks into the walksinauckland website and also Google mapping many of the walks that are already on this website.