50 Auckland Volcanoes

Or is that 52, 53 or 55?

Auckland is built on at least 50 volcanoes, making it a very interesting city to explore. A number of the volcanoes are very obvious as they command attention in our landscape, while many others most people are completely unaware. Volcanic cones such as Mt. Eden, One Tree Hill, Mangere Mountain, North Head, Rangitoto Island and Mt Wellington dominate our skyline. Many others are also worth a visit and are full of surprise.

Fog in the crater of Mangere Mountain
Fog in the crater of an Auckland Volcano

As a family, we have explored 47 of Auckland’s 50 volcanoes plus 2 on the ‘disputed’ list. Volcanologists agree on a robust list of 50 and there is further debate on another 5. We can conclude therefore that as at 2019, Auckland has between 50 and 55 known volcanoes.  We will complete all 50 +3 within the next few weeks :)! 

Here is a Google Map of all 50 volcanoes, so you can explore. Many can be found, even if just a remnant. Some have completely disappeared under quarrying and urban development but it is still intriguing to visit the site.’

Download your printable pdf list of all 50 Volcanoes, including spaces to tick off each volcano as completed!

It is fascinating to see when the volcanoes of Auckland are mapped how they are grouped is an 18km strip through the centre of Auckland, from Mt.Albert in the west to Otara Hill (south east) and Pigeon Mountain (north east) in the east.

The volcanoes of Auckland include volcanic cones, lakes, quarries, carparks, reserves & parks, sportsfields, roads, industrial buildings and homes. Many have a fascinating history and Maori heritage.

The volcanoes section on this website will be developed over the next few months, including links to all the relevant walks for the volcanoes plus a lot of other interesting information and links.

Our hope is that we can provide a resource for Aucklanders and visitors to our great city that will enable them to understand and enjoy what nature has provided.

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