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Are you looking for places to explore in Auckland, New Zealand, but don’t know where to go or what to do???

Short Walks in Auckland have created a series of self-guided short walks for people just like you. You can select walks based on your ability, time available, your entourage…dogs, push chairs, kids, etc.

We have many mini adventures which are guaranteed to get you out amongst nature and discover places that even the locals don’t know about.

Detailed easy routes will keep you on track and deliver you right back to your starting point. The short circular routes are between 4 and 7 kms in length, some are flat, some are steep and some have steps.

Short Walks in Auckland is a great way to stay fit, be healthy and have fun and…. enjoy the uniqueness and diversity of Auckland.

Join 4000+ fellow walkers! And get our seasonal walk ideas delivered to your email inbox. Just enter your name and email address and download your free copy.

Here are some short videos to give you a taste of  some of Auckland’s highlights.

The FREE Guide gives you eight good reasons to get out walking in Auckland: 1. Discover the many walks across Volcanoes and around Craters 2. Auckland Coastal walks – View the beautiful Harbours and Beaches 3. Learn about The First settlers 4. Tread the paths of European History 5. Nature walks – See and hear the unique New Zealand Birdlife 6. Enjoy the urban pockets of Native bush 7. Be amazed to see the city’s Sheep farms 8. Relax at Auckland’s Cafes.   And if you have children, learn about things to do with kids when you are out walking.

Short Walks in Auckland allows the right amount of time to have a low-cost mini adventure for maximum enjoyment – a change is as a good as a holiday! Grab your FREE Guide now. Download your free copy.  Just enter your name and email address in the boxes below – and choose your walk.

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    I left my details twice but got no reply, no links to download free guide, just nothing happened!!

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  2. Hi Chuck,
    Have you checked your spam/junk mail folders? If you use Microsoft Outlook or other email system, you may also have to look directly in to find the email. Let me know if you are still unable to find it and I can forward an email to you.

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Sorry I hadn’t realised that the sign up form had vanished! All restored now for you to enter your details.
    Thanks, Helen

  4. Hi,
    I left my details but got no reply, no links to download free guide, just nothing happened!Checked inbox & spam several times and the Helen’s link above circles to the same.

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