Explore our beautiful city on foot with a growing number of Interactive Google Maps and a range of self-guide brochures for over 100 short walks in and around Auckland.

Walks range in length from just 15 minutes up to whole day adventures.  Enjoy coastal, parkland, bush and heritage walks. Choose your walk from the Google Map, search or menu’s.

Our Interactive Google Maps enable you to accurately see your route and follow progress on your phone as you walk, Googles famed blue dot shows your current location and its GPS map where you are heading! Further, the map will show facilities and points of interest along the way.  Find track entrances, parking, toilets, seats, picnic areas and more.  The interactive maps are easy to use and make walking a breeze!

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To find walks in your area, use the search box (top right icon) or choose a category; scroll down and look to the right –>. Each self-guided circular urban walk two-page brochure provides the following information:

  • a map and easy to follow detailed directions, that will keep you on track and deliver you right back to your starting point,
  • how to get there (we suggest by car, bus and train),
  • what to see (we take you on routes that are interesting and off-road as much as possible using Auckland’s existing paths, walkways and boardwalks through parks and nature reserves),
  • nearby children’s playgrounds,
  • a spot of history,
  • approximately how long it will take (short walk routes are between 4 and 7 kms in length, some are flat, some are steep and some have steps),
  • if it’s dog-friendly (designated dogs off-leash areas within the walk) and
  • where to find the nearest café.

To give you a taste of what to expect, visit our blog which along with photographs, describes each completely different walk, the vast variety of sights, sounds and smells. Beaches, bush, volcanoes and urban. For all ages, weather and ability. Great views of the city, bird sanctuaries, wetlands, volcanoes, streams, farms, reserves, parks, coastal estuaries.

Some of the places you can go:

Whether you live here, are visiting from elsewhere in New Zealand or overseas, or are lucky enough to have arrived on a cruise ship, there are plenty of walks to choose from.

To view the full list of brochures that can be downloaded, click here.

A series of 12 self-guide walk books is now available. Visit the book store or The Women’s Bookshop (in Ponsonby, Auckland).

Health fitness fun

What are you waiting for? Head over to our walk store and find a walk, put on your walking shoes and get going. Walking is great for our health, gets us fit and best of all, can be fun!   Short family outings * New discoveries * Maps * Directions * Vistas * Playgrounds * Picnic Spots * Dog friendly

Enjoy your visit and be sure to let your friends and family know that it is easy to get walking in Auckland – discover Auckland’s backyard secrets.

24 thoughts on “Home”

  1. What a wonderful idea, done from the heart, that could suit anyone who likes the outdoors.
    I’ve seen some of those walks, and just reading about them inspires one to actually go out there and enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing this passion of yours, Helen 🙂

  2. I would love to go back to Auckland and do some more walking. There is so much to see there. I lived there for 9 months in 1987/88, but unfortunately my ex-wife wasn’t into walking.

  3. Wonderful website Helen, I will definitely be exploring some of the walks this summer!

  4. I am in receipt of your letter. I am the owner of Cafe Greenfingers in Palmers Remuera. I do alaready host many walking groups from around auckland and would be pleased to promote this activity. Please contact me 021867072

  5. 30 January Herald article has alerted me to your site. Although I live in Hamilton I travel to Auckland mainly for exploring walkways. My tramping club wants me to start leading ‘Auckland’ trips again for them as several of us are in 60’s, 70’s now and you have many easier walks. We bring our own coach but I’ll perhaps incorporate a train ride also where feasible. Looking forward to exploring your site for walkway updates. Really great, Helen!
    Thanks and regards

  6. Dear Joy,
    Many thanks for leaving your comment. We trust that you will have lots of fun exploring Auckland’s walkways. We do appreciate your feedback.

  7. I want to thank you for the wonderful walks that you have listed and I would like to explore each one of them. I am new in New Zealand and currently in Auckland city. I am THE walking type and love to explore on foot. Its a thrill when you explore something new along the way and that experience remains forever in your memory. Thank you so much again, your website has given me lots of ideas already.

  8. And thank you for the acknowledgement Vipasha. Very glad to have given you lots of walking ideas. Auckland is a great place to explore.
    Regards, Helen

  9. Fantastic website! I would love to organise a walking trip for my Playcentre, could you recommend a walk that would be suitable for under 5s where they could splash in some water and have a park to play on at the end?
    Thank you

  10. Macleans Park is still a wonderful area for walking but you need to know that the tracks have deteriorated due to lack of maintenance. After heavy rain deep channels are left and mud and puddles remain for several days.

  11. Love this. We are average fitness level. Walking about parks in akl because I love nature so beautiful. Husband has coad but we tk our time for him so he doesn’t get too tired…. He has had asthma since age 7….now it’s chronic & he’s 58. He loves taking photos of nature & so do I. Yesterday was our 2nd time to music point since Nov 27th when we first went there for family photos. Never knew it existed til a friend from church suggested we go to Musick Point….born & bred in akl we have never heard of Musick Point… My husband has lived in Pakuranga Heights since age 7 & he has never been there til we went last year. Our family has never been there til last Nov 27th…what a blessing. Hidden gem. We we T yesterday & walked to the sea level area took pics so awesome…. Walked to the radio station took pics… I remember seeing it on fb for wedding pics… Beautiful… A lady at work has a pic of her family at Musick Point for her 90th birthday… So gorgeous that area is. Totally love it. We want to walk more hidden gems in akl west east north… Esp. Now daylight ends 9pm. Thanks again for sharing this I fo of short walks with us all. Love it

  12. Thanks for the wonderful comment about your family walking and particularly referencing Musick Point. I notice it is one walk we do not have on our site, so need to add it at some point. There are some wonderful other walks out your way – Rotary Walkway Pakuranga, Panmure Basin or more in the bush Mangamangaroa or Point View Reserve (although this is pretty steep). You can check out these tracks on this website and the Google Maps of these walks at http://www.greataucklandwalks.com. We are slowly bringing them all across to this website as well. All the best with the health also.

    Thanks again.

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