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Today’s walk around Lake Pupuke in Takapuna was a discovery one.

IMG 2213 300x225 Lake Pupuke Takapuna I have been here only a few times – with my children when they were little and once to a garden sculpture exhibition.

I had not realised that you can walk the circumference, although unfortunately not completely by the lake edge.

However the bits by the lake edge – Killarney Park, Henderson Park, Sylvan Park, Kitchener Park and the Quarry Lake Reserve more than make up for the street walking.  There is lots to see at the lake edge, from the water birds to the water activities (sailing, wind-surfing, canoeing and model yacht racing). For more info about Lake Pupuke click here.

Lake Pupuke walkway track was muddy in places but would be ideal walking from November to perhaps June.  From September to December the path from Henderson Park to Sylvan Park is closed to allow the water birds space to nest and breed.

Even though the day was cold, windy and with spots of heavy rain, it was still a very enjoyable walk.  We will be back to document the Lake Pupuke walk very soon (and hopefully the day will be sunnier).

December 2011
We came back on a lovely summer day. We stopped and had a delicious iced coffee at the Cafe French Rendez-vous beside The Pumphouse.

Description: A mix of level paths and steep paths/steps. Suitable for users of average fitness and mobility. May require boots in wet weather, running shoes suitable in dry weather. Caution: Muddy and slippery when wet.
To see: Lake activities, water birds
Time: approx. 90 minutes. (about 7kms)
Short Walks in Auckl Cover for Kindle 199x300 Lake Pupuke Takapuna Start: The Pumphouse carpark (MAP)

This walk and other walks are now available from the Walks Store  (AN-024 Lake Pupuke) and our Book Store (Volcanoes).

Short Walks in Auckl Cover for Kindle 199x300 Lake Pupuke Takapuna
12 Volcano Walks

Lake Pupuke is featured in our book “Volcanoes”. Available from Amazon- Short Walks in Auckland: Volcanoes (and on Kindle)

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