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Introducing the new editor

Richard Wagener on an Auckland bush track
Richard Wagener on an Auckland walk

What a great city we live in – featuring fascinating volcanic cones, picturesque coastline and stunning bush walks. Alongside this are many other city walks – urban, parks, farmland and various trails. This website aims to provide information and instructions to a wide range of these interesting and varied Auckland walks.

I founded another Auckland walking website a few years ago in honour of my father-in-law, Hugh Willis, who has built many walking tracks on Auckland’s North Shore over the past 40 years. The main purpose of the greataucklandwalks website was to place GPS maps of his tracks online, along with detailed information about the tracks.

As the new editor and developer of the walksinauckland website, my focus will be on the following:

  1. Continuing to build on the legacy of Helen in offering both Aucklanders and visitors to Auckland great information and resources for walking.
  2. Adding more Auckland walks, especially many more amazing, obscure local walks.
  3. Integrating GPS maps to many of the walks so walkers can follow their current position on their mobile devices as they walk. These maps include aspects such as track entrances, facilities and parking. Examples can be found at my existing site https://www.greataucklandwalks.com.
  4. Transferring all the existing walks from my current greataucklandwalks website to walksinauckland.com and gradually make walksinauckland my main website.

This project is very exciting and has many possibilities, especially as technology and ongoing city development provide more opportunities for walkers and explorers. I would be very keen to hear from any of this wonderful online walking community who have ideas on what they would like to see incorporated into the walksinauckland website and we’ll see what might be done.

Thanks for being involved with the website thus far and I trust you will find it equally useful in the future. We appreciate your support.

Richard Wagener